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Natural Symphony is a sound + light artist using plants to control sounds + visuals during various styles of performance.​ Joey, AKA Natural Symphony, specialises in multi-genre electronic music, sound healings, installations + audio-visual performances, all controlled by plants.

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For 15 years Joey had been working insanely hard as an artist, always trying to break through into the music + art world. Whilst on this journey, during a sound healing, he had a vision of a huge tree, which taught him how energy transfers between all living things. He received an instruction: to include nature in his art + teach people the unseen connections between nature + humanity.

On that day, Natural Symphony was born, and since then, nature has made a lot of dreams come true for Joey.

Natural Symphony is a sound + light artist using his hand made Instruments to detect bio rhythms in plants. The rhythms are then displayed as bass lines, melodies or SFX whilst Natural Symphony uses drum machines to create various styles of live music shows.

Natural Symphony has various techniques of controlling lighting with the plants, allowing them to control lasers, 3D projection mapping + LED’s.

The Past 3 years has seen Natural Symphony become very popular with performances at Glastonbury, Burning man, Wilderness, Noisily, Houghton, The Barbican, Earth Theatre and has performed alongside many well known + famous artists. 

Joey has been featured in Vogue, The Telegraph, BBC Radio 6, BROKE Magazine, + CLOT Magazine.

Natural Symphony + Yakum

Joey created a bridge between Natural Symphony + Yakum, who have replanted over 100 hectares of medicinal plants, trees and food in the Amazon Rainforest. Joey then recently spent 2 months in the Amazon with Yakum, helping give back to nature + assisting with reforestation projects, and learning the ways of the forest. Yakum receives 100% of Joey's track sales + merchandise profits.


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