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Established in 2022, Fire+Alchemy is an alternative wellness space in the heart of Shoreditch, London. Our flagship premises offers:

  •  Classes and workshops, offered by a range of leading self development and spiritual practitioners that specialise across numerous techniques

  • A coffee and smoothie bar offering the traditional range of coffees, herbal teas and "sacred drinks"

  • A retail-offering focusing on ethically sourced crystals

  • A pantry full of organic herbs and resins 

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  • The "Alchemy Studio" space for alternative wellness and self-development classes and workshops, with a strong focus on wellbeing and spiritual development for beginner to advanced levels of practice.

  • A large selection of events from traditional meditations, yoga and mindfulness to sound healing therapies (including gong and crystal bowls), group reiki healing, moon ceremonies, both women's and men's circles, kundalini yoga, akashic record and past life workshops, cacao ceremonies,breath work astrology and herb workshops, amongst others.​


  • A huge collection of ethically-sourced crystals to suit all budgets, and from tumble stones to large statement pieces.

  • Our "Luna Herb Garden" is full of organic herbs and resins for teas and ritual intent. 

  • A selection of divination and wellness tools, such as tarot cards, candles, dowsing crystals, singing bowls, incense, crystal grid tools, and books​.

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  • A cafe area and coffee bar offering a traditional range of coffees, herbal teas as well as a specialty "sacred drinks" menu, such as sacred cacao and blue lotus tea. 

  • A seating area for spending time with a likeminded community.

  • Frequent lectures and interactive workshops exploring critical issues like body positivity, feminism, and ethical crystal practices.

  • Venue hire options.

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