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Tue, 19 Sept




The Wim Hof Method is a functional type of breath work that helps our bodies to achieve a more alkaline state + causes hypoxia, a form of positive stress at a cellular level, which leads the body to deal with negative stressors we experience in life a lot easier.

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Time & Location

19 Sept 2023, 07:45 – 08:45 BST

Fire+Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP


About the event

Join Ravi at our NEW morning Wim Hof Method breathwork class.  


Put in the simplest of terms, the Wim Hof Method® is a way to keep your body and mind in its optimal natural state. For most of our evolutionary history, a merciless natural environment automatically did this for us: sub-zero temperatures, howling winds and hungry wolves kept our muscles and veins supple, and our minds sharp and clear.

Fast forward to today, and phones are exhausting our brains, while the rest of our body wastes away as we sit in toasty rooms strapped to stiffening chairs. Over time, our relationship with the world we live in has changed. Our lifestyles have disconnected us from the natural environment. Because of this disconnection, our age-old survival mechanisms are no longer triggered and we’ve lost touch with our inner power. As a result, the natural defences, we typically have, are no longer on high alert. We fall ill more easily. We stress out, lose sleep, and wake up without focus or energy.

Through decades of self-exploration and ground-breaking scientific studies,, the Wim Hof Method has been created as a simple, effective way to stimulate these deep physiological processes and realise our full potential.

The Wim Hof Method is about reconnecting us - to ourselves, to others and to nature.

WHAT IS A WIM HOF BREATHING SESSION?  This is an entry level workshop intended for beginners, curious newcomers as well as those who are familiar with breathwork practices.   The key pillars of the WHM will be covered initially before a fully immersive and actively engaged experience of group breathwork, which is guided by your instructor, Ravi. You find out how oxygen and cold put beneficial stresses on your body and learn how the mind can be controlled.

Lean in and expect the unexpected!

Terms + Conditions:

Please read through the following documents: Contraindications and Release + Waiver

By signing up for this session, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the forms linked to above.

About Ravi:

Ravi is a certified Wim Hof Method Level 2 Instructor, based in London.

Ravi has trained knowledge of the body’s physiology, neurology and biochemistry, alongside direct cold exposure and breathwork training method, having successfully completed back to back year-long training programmes which both culminated Winter expeditions to Poland.

The Wim Hof Method (WHM) has personally given Ravi a deeper ability to be in control whilst also enhancing stress management and performance in his everyday life. Ravi has been able to optimise his health, build mental resilience, grow personal relationships, re-connect with nature and turbocharge his corporate and entrepreneurial career progress.

Click here to see Ravi's full biography.  

About the Wim Hof Method: 

The 3 pillars of the WHM are Breathwork, Cold Exposure & Mindset Commitment. These are all natural elements accessible to all. We all have the ability to access and ignite our Inner Power coming back stronger, happier and healthier. The WHM is a very efficient and accessible practice which powerfully combines and utilises oxygen and water/cold to optimize body & mind and influence physiology & biochemistry. We use oxygen and cold as acute stressors on the body to induce an outsized biochemical response.


  • Please note that our classes take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.
  • This is not a suitable breathwork class for those who are pregnant or have epilipsy.  If you have had any recent health issues, including cardiovascular issues, please consult your GP or health consultant before booking.


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