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Tue, 17 Oct




Sekhem is a triple ray of energy healing, it builds upon the system of reiki (Japanese), has expanded with Buddhist teachings and is a Re-Membering of Ancient Kemetic (Egypt) Healing. You are invited to join Ezraiel + a host of guest facilitators for this one day Sekhem initiation day retreat.

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Time & Location

17 Oct 2023, 11:00 – 17:00 BST

Fire+Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP


About the event

Welcome to the Sekhem Temple, a re-storation of ancient ways and in turn a re-storing of fullness within our Bodies. Calling all parts of our soul home to the body. Activating the gifts encoded within the DNA.   

Sekhem works as a fire energy, connected with the Lioness Headed Goddess Sekhmet. It calls all parts of the self into the present and brings swift and powerful transformation. In Ezraiel's Attunements, we also welcome connection to Isis, as the cosmic mother of the healing arts. And Thoth, the Kemetic Dual Gendered God(/ess) of Healing, Alchemy & Philosophy.   This energy healing is a modality that touches each area of the initiates life - bringing clarity, a deep sense of heart healing and expansion, and the space to step deeper into soul embodiment.   

Most people who have been guided by Ezraiel through the Sekhem journey feel a strong connection to Ancient Kemet (Egypt); this modality brings past life bridging and healing; allowing us to re-member parts of ourselves and translate those gifts into this life. The journey can be a strong one where we alchemise deep shadow, pain and trauma back into Love, softness, beauty and radiance.   

The re-membered experience of this is shared in stages to gradually integrate the energy and healing processes for the initate:   

  • Level 1 - Self-Healing   
  • Level 2 - Distance Healing   
  • Level 3 - Practitioner   
  • Sekhem MasterTeacher Level - Attuning Others & Sharing the embodiment of the energy.   

This is a journey of Embodiment.  Each Level requires integration and practice before the next level can be studied.

Level I - Self- Healing Initiation Day Retreat | The Offering:   

  • Practical Guidance & Theory - Working though a manual of guidance, which is yours to take home (Printed, Hard Copy)   
  • Guided Group Exercises - Immediate practice of dropping into sharing your healing gifts, in a very soft and guided way. This opens up your channels of trust and intuition from the beginning and will empower you as you continue to study deeper.   
  • Kemetic Kriyas & Teachings (Guest Facilitator Jessica Francis, Sekhem Healer & Ritual Space Holder) ~ A potent sharing of kemetic yoga practices to open the channels of your body for receiving the Sekhem energy and attunement. A sharing on Kemetic teachings & mysteries that are held within this tradition.   
  • Ceremonial Attunement & Sound Healing journey (Attunement Led by Ezraiel Yeshuari - Sekhem Teacher & Ceremonial Hand Poke Tattoo Artist) A beautiful guided meditation journey to drop you into a space of trance, from which you will receive the Attunement. With the presence of Sound Bowls / Rattle & Drum. Sound healing was a key part of Temple practices within Ancient Kemet.  Sekhem & Sound Journey ~ Offered by Jaha Browne (Sound Therapist & Sekhem Practitioner), welcome yourself to integrate from the day by experiencing the Sekhem energy merged with the potency of a Gong Bath. Be re-born in sound.
  • Sekhem Breath & Affirmation Journey (with guest facilitator Jeanette Rodriguez, a Sekhem Practitioner & Breathwork Instructor) - A guided breathwork journey to reset the nervous system, integrate the energy of the day and elevate your consciousness. Sealed with a practice of affirmations ~ activating the power of group prayer/the power and beauty of positive spell work.   
  • Ritual Gemstone Bracelet Crafting  (With guest facilitator Margaux Clavel, a Sekhem Practitioner & Jewellery Maker) - A ritual practice of infusing Sekhem with jewellery, another potent part of life in Ancient Kemet and a way to anchor your healing energy into an amulet of protection and expansion, celebrating this initiatory journey. This workshop is an additional cost of £55 to cover the costs of the materials (The retail value of the jewellery would be over £100. The bracelets we will be making include a Silver, Gold-Plated Ankh and beads made from genuine gem stones). This will take place towards the end of the journey for those joining.  
  • Certification - Beautifully printed certificate with a hand painted channelled symbol unique to you.
  • Empowering Community - The opportunity to grow, study and bloom within a beautiful community group. 
  • Access to the telegram Sekhem Temple space, where we are able to share our journeys outside of the Attunements. 
  • Access to the post-attunement 44 Day Self-Healing programme ~ supporting your journey in integrating and practising what you have learnt.   
  • Additional Resourses - You will also receive recorded guided meditations and other tools to support your integration.   
  • Initiate Ritual Gift - A handcrafted gift of ritual tools to support your healing journey
  • Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony & Annointment 
  • Frankincense Blessing Ritual. 

Exchange Choices  + Accessibility

It is of the deepest important to Ezraiel that anyone who feels ready to embrace and re-member Sekhem, is fully welcome in this space. 

For this reason, we invite you to choose to contribute the exchange that you are able to, and that feels aligned with your Heart. 

Investment offerings

  • Early Bird Offering ~ For the first 5 people who join the circle: £255 - EXPIRED
  • Abundance Full Cost ~ £333 (For those in a space of financial ease, your contributions will allow for 5 people to receive a community scholarship)   
  • Standard Cost ~ £288   
  • Community Scholarship ~ £188. This cost option is Created in gratitude to other circle members paying in full and allows 5 people access to the course who may be in financial difficulty/unemployment, whilst also contributing towards their own study.   
  • If you desire to join the Ritual Jewellery Making, add £55 to your total from above and please inform Ezraiel via email so that we can keep a track of numbers.

Part payment plans 

You are welcome to pay in full, or part payments. If you are paying in part payments, the deposit is £111 to reserve your space.  The full balance must be paid before the day of the retreat. By paying a deposit you are making a commitment to pay the full balance, as you will receive the course materials and preparation exercises upon signing up. For these reasons, all payments are non-refundable. 

For part paymet plans, please email  

What to expect 

We are welcoming a group of between 8-18 attendees. This will be a deeply nourishing and soulfulfilling day. All parts of you will be embraced with deep love and empowerment on your path. This is a threshold into the ways of alchemical mystery. 

We walk together in love!   

•°Sa Sekhem Sahu•°   

We look forward to walking deeper home with you.   

In Love, 

Ezraiel - Temple of Neter (@templeofneter)



Working with Ezraiel, are the following practitioners: 

Kemetic Teachings and Embodiment Practice with Jessica Francis On the day, Jess will guide us through a series of Kemetic postures and Hekau’s to harness and harmonise the joints of the body with the joints of the earth.

As we transition from Uaa Khepri, the time before creation where all things are possible into Nefertum, the God of the Lotus - paying homage to this particular time of re memberance, re birth and re awakening through the circulation of Sekhem through the microcosmic orbit of the body distributing the chi within. This journey intends to provide an innerstanding and re connection with the internal wisdom and eternal atum ra solar force that is within.   There are no contraindications, we will be moving slowly, postures can be adapted and free movement is welcome.

The Heart of Sekhem with Jaha Browne

Welcome to an immersive experience connecting us back to our own natural energetic rhythm through Sound Meditation & Sekhem energy healing. Jaha will guide us into a meditation of the heart as we journey back to deep remembrance of self, followed by the vibrations of the gong. Ending with each person receiving hands on or off Sekhem during the session.

Please wear warm/comfortable clothing and have a bottle of water. You can bring a crystal to be with you during the session.

This event is not advisable if you are pregnant or in the process of conceiving, experience conditions such as tinnitus, sound-induced epilepsy, heart conditions, high blood pressure, have a pacemaker or metal plates, or have recently had an operation. Please only take part in the event if you are physically able. If you are unsure for any reason please contact your doctor or mental health professional first for advice.

Sacred Jewellery Crafting (optional extra) with Margaux Clavel

Mark the beginning of your Sekhem journey with a precious and symbolic object to adorn yourself everyday or in ceremony, or to display on your altar.

We will sit and connect with the intention you will carry through the making of your bracelet and the energy you will infuse and seal in your piece.

Calling in protection, celebration, empowerment, or any meaningful story your soul will whisper to you.

Guided by Margaux, you will craft a beautiful talisman, arranging colourful gemstones (pearl, lapis, amazonite, agate, citrine,...) around a golden Ankh made of sterling silver plated with 18 carat gold. Ankh is the symbol of life, and may represent water, air and the sun. It is said to signify the cohesion of heaven and earth, interlinking male and female symbols.

Transformational Breathwork and a visualisation meditation with affirmations with Jeanette

Jeannette invites you on a journey within, through a practice of deep awareness, conscious breathing, Transformational Breathwork and a visualisation meditation with affirmations. 

During this 60 minute practice we will be guided to tap into our Prana, our vital life force energy, so that we can experience first hand the power we hold within. As we journey with this energy, we will be invited on an exploration into the mind and energy field that surrounds us, our subtle energy bodies, as we begin to step into a new timeline. We will experience a visualisation meditation that demonstrates our inner courage and empowers us to step into our initiation as a Sekhem Energy Healer.   Contraindications for Transformation Breathwork: 

  • Cardiovascular Issues: Individuals with a history of heart conditions, high blood pressure, or other cardiovascular problems should exercise caution when participating in transformational breathwork. The deep and rapid breathing patterns involved can temporarily increase heart rate and blood pressure, which may be problematic for those with certain heart conditions.
  • Epilepsy or Seizure Disorders: The intense breathing and altered states of consciousness that can occur during breathwork may trigger seizures in individuals with epilepsy or a history of seizure disorders. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before attempting breathwork in such cases.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant individuals should avoid transformational breathwork, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, as it can lead to hyperventilation and dizziness, potentially affecting both the parent and the unborn child.
  • Respiratory Issues: Individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may find it challenging to engage in the deep and rapid breathing required for transformational breathwork. This practice can exacerbate breathing difficulties and lead to discomfort.
  • Recent Surgery or Injuries: If you've had surgery or sustained injuries, particularly in the chest or abdominal area, it's advisable to avoid transformational breathwork until you have fully recovered. Deep and forceful breathing can put strain on surgical incisions or injured tissues.
  • Psychological Vulnerability: Transformational breathwork can bring up intense emotions and memories. Individuals with certain psychological conditions, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or a history of severe trauma, should approach breathwork cautiously and under the guidance of a qualified mental health professional.
  • Substance Use: It's not advisable to engage in transformational breathwork while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The altered mental states caused by substances can interact unpredictably with the breathwork experience and may pose risks to safety and well-being.
  • *Before engaging in a transformational breathwork session, it's crucial to consult with Jeannette and, if applicable, a healthcare professional, especially if you have any of the contraindications mentioned above or if you have concerns about your ability to participate safely. Contact


  • Please wear something you can move freely in. 
  • Please note that our classes take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.
  • For any queries regarding this training, please email: 


  • Abundance Full Cost

    For those in a space of financial ease, your contributions will allow for 5 people to receive a community scholarship.

    From £333.00 to £388.00
    Sale ended
    • £333.00
    • £388.00
  • Standard Ticket

    From £288.00 to £343.00
    Sale ended
    • £288.00
    • £343.00
  • Community Scholarship

    This cost option is Created in gratitude to other circle members paying in full and allows 5 people access to the course who may be in financial difficulty/unemployment, whilst also contributing towards their own study.

    From £188.00 to £243.00
    Sale ended
    • £188.00
    • £243.00



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