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Sat, 29 Jul




This beautiful psychic development class will open you up to your intuition, gifts and the mystery, magic and connection of life before life.

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Time & Location

29 Jul 2023, 10:30 – 14:30 BST

Fire+Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP

About the event

Welcome to how to communicate with your unborn baby, connect with your baby in the womb or with spirit baby. 

Connecting with your spirit baby or baby in the womb offers you insight into both your own and your baby’s needs and wishes, a peek behind the scenes of what’s happening you cannot physically see - and an unconditional love that will awaken and open up all your cells to love.

Spirt babies and your baby in the womb offer a unique perspective of life; they have a lot to say! 

Not just for their mums and future parents, but for us all on the bigger picture of life and creation of a New Earth. For just as there is life after death, there is also life before life. Souls in the spirit baby realm wish to support you on your journey to motherhood, and us all in our vision of a New Earth, by sharing theirs.

Debra is always being asked to ‘teach’ people how to communicate with spirit babies. However, she believes it’s not something you teach, it’s a journey to remembering. A journey of clearing the doubt and beliefs, the fears, hurts and grief that have cut you off from your intuition and your gifts.

You are absolutely able to expand into connecting with spirit baby. Healing, opening and connecting is what you will experience during this class.

Creating and deepening your connection with your spirit baby before conception, after loss and during pregnancy is one of the most powerful and loving experiences you and your baby gift each other with.

Imagine as a baby or before you even arrive you feel heard, seen and understood – know you are already loved and welcomed? How different would the world be.

Through spirit baby communication you are opening yourself up further to your own sense of self and what you are capable of, opening up your capacity for love. You reconnect with yourself and the magic and mystery that you are, and that all of life is. You will feel more present, mindful and trusting in yourself, your body and your dreams.

What’s included:

  • A blessing and initiation
  • Healing beliefs around intuition
  • Discussion and questions on life before life
  • Visualisation and journey to open your intuition and connect with spirit baby or baby in the womb
  • Feeling and playing with energy
  • Healing and healing meditations
  • A journey through the clairsenses
  • Connecting through signs
  • Channelling through written messages
  • Spirit Baby Communication demonstrations and messages

What to expect

This is a journey and a practice to open you up to more of who you are and remembering yourself as a powerful, intuitive being. You will begin to tap into tools that you already have. Understanding what is already there that you cannot yet see physically. Remember your truth of who you are.

Yes there maybe doubt, yes you’ll perhaps think you can’t do it and this introduction and spirit baby are here to guide you to your – I can. You wouldn’t be reading this if you couldn’t.  Somewhere, no matter how deeply buried, you know it’s possible and you would love to.

Your babies are waiting on the other side of the increasingly thinning ‘veil’ of realities and realms. They are so excited and open to being with you and sharing love, wisdom and insights. The way this happens will be unique to you. Stop the how to’s and just be – there is no how to. 

There is no right or wrong – allow your mind to take a backseat and follow the energy of your heart – it knows the way.

You will have your own unique way of connecting and communicating, that is why Debra avoids the ‘teaching’ aspect. Her intention is to open you up to the possibility, offer an activation and guide you to your already present innate gifts. There is no pressure to perform, no expectations of when or how, just a curiosity. As with all things energy, intention and choice are everything.

Within this class you’ll be moving through the layers of your own beliefs, past hurts and fears to realise this and open up your relationship with spirit baby, your own or to support and guide others to do so.

We all have these gifts and you are so much more if you choose to remember and open them.

Sitting in this space will activate your own inner knowing and remembrance.

About Debra

Debra Kilby is a spirit baby medium, channel, healer, soul plan reader and spiritual guide. She is the author of Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother - A Journey into the world of the Spirit Baby and how we can build a New Earth, together.

Debra supports women on their journey to motherhood, whether they are struggling to conceive, have experienced baby loss or a traumatic birth.

She also supports women who are not in conception, to heal their own mother wounds, understand themselves on a deeper level, birth more of themselves and their own truth by opening up their natural intuitive gifts.

Debra’s own challenging journey to motherhood through birth trauma, three miscarriages and a medical termination catapulted her into her spiritual awakening and discovering her life purpose.

Her Soul’s contract is to bring women, their baby/s and future babies together. To heal the deep wounds of the Mother within this lifetime and others.

Debra works alongside spirit babies to offer their perspective on situations for individuals and the collective as part of creating a New Earth. Ultimately, helping their mums and all people, see themselves as they see them – love.

For more details about Debra, please visit her full biography here.


Please note that this event will take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.


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