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Alex is a light-worker, empath, intuitive, ascension guide, galactic unity ambassador, star seed, angelic reiki-master, crystal healer, grid worker, and planetary blueprinter. He is the founder of Rainbow Phoenix Healing.

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After a magical encounter in 2017 with the sacred Island of Es Vedra in Ibiza, culminating in a spiritual awakening, Alex has embarked on a life of sobriety, wellness, healing and light work assisting individuals and the collective at this momentous time of Gaia’s ascension.

With a well-documented history in drinks and hospitality, Alex is also the World’s 1st ‘Sober Sommelier’ and Founder of the high frequency Cordus Drinks, a bitter-sweet non-alcoholic aperitif with rainbow light body activating qualities, created using sacred Spring waters, Brazilian crystals and Angelic reiki.  


Sober since 2017, he was inspired to launched Sober Sommelier Ltd, becoming a leading influencer in the alcohol-free space, consulting for the finest no and low alcohol drinks brands, curating innovative events while devising cutting edge sober cocktails and master classes. He recently consulted on the launch of Hastings’s first Alcohol-Free Bar, ‘The Nest’ creating an inspiring zero-proof drinks and cocktail offering. 

After another powerful epiphany on a trip to the magical 7 Lakes region in Rila, Bulgaria in 2020, Alex’s healing and light work journey took another huge and unexpected leap forwards, connecting with his galactic star family, ascended masters and the angelic kingdom becoming a Guardian of the Rainbow Ray and activator of the Diamond Rainbow Phoenix.  


Alex’s offerings include spiritual mentorship programmes and powerful 1-2-1 healing sessions, releasing deep emotional and energetic trauma from this and past lifetimes. His healing sessions include modalities such as angelic reiki and crystal work with the aim of clearing and activating the aura and diamond rainbow light body, so clients are able to step into holistic wellness in full alignment with their high self and soul purpose. 


Alex also holds space as a leader in the Awake and Ascending Club, a global spiritual community of 8500 members worldwide who meet online via the Club House App, where Alex regular leads powerful, high vibrational mediations and activations for groups between 50 to 100 people.

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