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Fri, 26 Apr


Cosmos Online Studio


Join this transformative workshop to open to your soul’s call as a ‘healer’ and reclaim your authentic wild truth (from love), via ‘She-Wolf’ themed Full Moon ceremony. For sensitive women who want to open their hearts, reclaim their truth and nourish their wild souls.


Time & Location

26 Apr 2024, 19:15 – 21:15

Cosmos Online Studio


About the event

“Go out in the woods, go out. If you don't go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Join Soul Guide + Magical Teacher, Nicole Barton for this beautiful exploration into reclaiming your ‘inner wildness’, authentic truth, and exploring your healing gifts. Nicole will guide sensitive women to open to more meaningful lives, aligned with their soul’s true purpose as a healer. 

The workshop - which harnesses Nicole’s Archetypal Apothecary™ healing modality (a unique combination of the 3 ancient wisdom bodies of  homeopathy, archetypal psychology and energy healing) - activates the powerful remedy of ‘Lupa’ (the remedy of the wild, fearless, ‘She-Wolf’); helping you to bravely face and heal your fears of being judged and outcast for your true, wild, authentic expression, open your heart to nurturing your soul’s deeper calling, and begin to honour your wild soul from love.  You’ll feel more able to choose taking your next steps towards your healing soul gifts, allowing yourself to begin to dream of a possibility of creating a more meaningful, soul-led life.

What to expect:

During the online workshop, Nicole will guide you through a ceremony with Archetypal Lupa (‘She-Wolf’, the universal symbol of inner wildness and self-motherly love), beginning with exploring the common fears that come up for women who want to be healers, teachers and guides in a mini workshop.  

Nicole will guide you into your heart, body and soul to connect to a sense of Feminine wildness and possibility to create more meaning and purpose - so you can know that (despite your fear of judgement and rejection), you are ready to embrace the wild calls to your healing gifts and take your tender next steps…

Archetypal Lupa (She-Wolf) will help you illuminate the next tender step for you - whatever that next breadcrumb is for you to deepen into the path of becoming a healer.  

Even, and especially, if you fear judgement and rejection and feel ‘selfish’ for following your soul’s call... 

She will teach you how to begin to harness the power of Archetypal Lupa for yourself to continue your self-healing after the workshop, before inviting some shares from those who desire to be witnessed in their experience.

What’s included:

🐺 A magical welcome circle, and connecting to ‘She-Wolf’ ceremony

🐺 A mini workshop exploring the typical fears that show up when opening to a journey of becoming a healer, teacher or guide - especially around your ‘wild expression’ (bring a journal)

🐺 Intuitive channelling and energy healing transmission with ‘Archetypal Lupa’ - one of the healing Archetypal Remedies of Nicole’s unique healing modality

🐺 Guided ‘Archetypal Lupa’ (She-Wolf) ritual experience to help you connect with and journey in your body to help you to re-wild your soul and reconnect with your healing gifts, beyond the fear

🐺 Learn how to channel the remedy yourself - to work with again at home, for self-healing

🐺 A gorgeous closing sharing circle, to celebrate the power of Archetypal Lupa, and to help you leave the workshop feeling connected to your inner healer, teacher or guide; and inspired for the next chapter of your journey

This is for you if:

🐺 You are a woman who wants to free yourself from the cage of a dull, grey, unfulfilling life - you feel trapped in busy chaos and drama, constantly putting out fires - and you know you want to create life differently, yet fear judgment and rejection if you allow yourself to embrace your true ‘wildness’ (you’d like to reclaim it from love)

🐺 You ‘feel’ more than others - you’re a deep soul who is easily overwhelmed by a keen sensitivity (to noises, lights, odours, touch, electricity, people, or ‘other worlds’) and no matter how hard you try to contain your feelings and be more ‘positive’, you often explode in a meltdown of wild, anxious emotions, which you shame yourself for

🐺You struggle to honour your needs and run around people-pleasing at the expense of your energy, feeling helpless, emotional and, resentful - or, if you ever do honour your needs, you feel selfish, shameful and guilty - because you fear judgement and what people will think of you if you say ‘No’ and choose your soul.  The fear of being ‘outcast’ and having to be ‘all things to everyone’ is depleting you, and having you feel disconnected from your true purpose

🐺 You tend to avoid your own truth, distracting and numbing your problems with things like work, tv, food, alcohol, drugs, scrolling social media or other ‘quick fixes’ - OR you’re deeply emotional with a hyper-vigilant mind, and predict future problems, trying to solve them - all whilst wearing a ‘Good Girl’ mask

🐺 You feel disconnected from your body, which whispers to you with low energy and nervous exhaustion - or perhaps shouts with fatigue, tension, pain, numbness, womb symptoms or mysterious disorders - and you’ve a sense there’s a hidden underlying pattern to heal (you’ve outsourced your healing to ‘quick fixes’ in the past and now you’d like to learn to heal yourself)

🐺 You have a sense that you’re here for something *wilder* - something more meaningful, heart-led and purposeful. You suspect you’ve ‘gifts’ as a healer, teacher, lightworker or guide (whether you want to use them for yourself or others); but you fear people might judge your wildness as ‘weird’.  You long to reclaim your inner wildness, true expression and voice so you can step into your full soul potential.

What women say about Nicole’s journeys:

“I've learned that I’m safe to be wild. Wild expression is just being who I am, but I now feel safe with that. In my old stories, I felt very unsafe with being ‘wild’ - from my experiences of living with my ‘wild’ parents. I always felt ‘wrong’, accepted I was ‘too wild’ and ‘too shameful’. It made me feel like I had to barrier myself against wildness and against magic - and I've learned that I’m safe to be wild, safe to be magic. Safe to express it.” — VB

“I had a huge amount of resistance to choosing into this path; I had so much fear of looking where I didn’t want to look yet I was drawn in by the deep longing to be in my power and start to allow myself to shine, which at the time felt impossible. Looking deeply at my wounds and loving them has been so necessary and healing for me. So much was revealed through this and it was Nicole’s safe space and love which gave me the ability to begin to look there. Doing this has enabled me to see and begin to choose my power and to begin to create what I truly desire.” — JT

"It was life-changing for me to choose into this work - and it continues to be. Nicole opened my eyes to the profound magic of daily practice. The group showed me what it can be like when sisters come together to be vulnerable and loving, and that intimacy can exist without being shamed or chastised. I’ve learned to see “yucky” or “undesirable” parts of me as fragmented parts of me, shadows that can be loved back into wholeness. I have stepped into my magical power because of the love and wild remedies you so lovingly dosed. I am so, so grateful. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” — ES


🐺 What’s the Commitment? 

We ask that if you enrol, you commit to joining us (whether live or on the replay), because not only is it in the commitment that we are able to open to healing, but it is also going to be a deeply nourishing circle, for your soul healing and expansion. The invitation is to harness She-Wolf's wild energy to carve out space for yourself, come with an open heart and mind - and relax and take in the remedy on offer.

🐺 What will this help me heal?

Archetypal Lupa (She-Wolf) will help you open to reclaiming your wildness from love - honouring your truth and nurturing your soul and her deeper calling and purpose, helping you to begin to illuminate your next breadcrumb along the path of opening to your healing gifts.  We will work live with one specific intention you’d like to transform, so the invitation is to come with one in mind, whilst staying open to more being revealed.

🐺 Is there a replay?

There is an optional replay for an extra investment of £4, in the event of unavoidable circumstances, or timezone challenges, you can’t join us live. That said, if possible, you’ll get so much from being with us live in circle.

🐺 I am a sensitive woman who feels a deep call to this, but I feel resistance to being described as ‘wild' or a 'healer’ - I’m not sure if I am 'wild' or if I have 'healing gifts' - is this for me?

Truly 'wild' women tend to have some resistance to being described as 'wild' (they've usually spent a lifetime playing the 'Good Girl', people-pleasing and suppressing their inner wild - or rebelling against that), so if you feel that resistance, it's likely even more aligned for you. Likewise, healers can have resistance to their gifts (because they've rejected their inner wild).  

Our Archetypal Apothecary’s 1st Layer is all about personal healing (because that’s how we truly discover our gifts if you are here to be a healer); so, it’s a path that’s for all sensitive women who want to learn to heal themselves (I include ‘self-healers’ as someone who is here to learn to be a healer). Even if you feel some resistance to being a healer, this is still for you if you’re feeling the strange pull towards it at the same time (many of our women feel this way, and it’s a good sign it’s for you!).

About Nicole:

Nicole is a Homeopath, Energy Healer, Soul Guide + Magical Teacher on a mission to help other sensitive souls, aspiring healers, lightworkers, teachers + guides, to heal themselves, discover their gifts + live their soul’s true purpose as a healer.

See Nicole's full biography here.


  • Please kindly arrive 10 minutes early to settle into the space.  Unfortunately, we are unable to admit those who arrive after the start time.
  • Please note that our classes take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.
  • Please purchase mindfully as we do not offer refunds or class credits.  However, if you can no longer attend and wish to gift your ticket to a loved one, we honour name changes on tickets - please just email us with the name of the new attendee in advance of the event.


  • Event Only

  • Event + Recording

    The recording will be emailed 24-48 hours after the event.




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