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Nicole is a Homeopath, an Energy Healer, a Soul Guide + Magical Teacher on a mission to help other sensitive souls, aspiring healers, lightworkers, teachers + guides, to heal themselves, discover their gifts + live their soul’s true purpose as a healer.

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As a deeply sensitive child and feeling overwhelmed by the world around her, Nicole burnt out and was unable to return to school for a year. In this time, her mum created an unusual childhood, in which she was initiated into magical healing, taking her to a wide variety of alternative healers, which had some degree of success, though never fully healed her.  It wasn’t until she became a mama herself that she realised that her body had been expressing her deep sensitivity - and that this ‘wound’ she had spent so long trying to ‘fix’ was actually her superpower; and what made her a magical soul healer.


Through this, Nicole recognised that our wounds are, in fact, the place where we truly discover our gifts - and that learning to journey with healing ourselves (rather than outsourcing to others to ‘fix’ us) - at our soul’s pace - is a vital part of the ‘initiation’ experience of the ‘wounded healer’; and a much needed part of the journey into becoming a healer.  The root of all true healing is learning to lovingly reclaim all of the lost parts of our soul that have been fragmented - until they are welcome home - and that to do that, we have to journey into our Feminine bodies to hear the truth that’s really there.


This initiation experience has led Nicole to work with other sensitive women for over a decade - as she recognises that other aspiring healers, lightworkers, teachers and guides often feel a call for ‘more’ meaningful lives and careers than the mundane, but struggle to make this shift; mostly through fear of losing 3 things: control, security or approval.  


These women often feel stuck on the dull, busy hamster wheel of life. They’ve burned out in their professional career, feel drained from the daily chaos, and are constantly putting out fires, living life to make others happy, seeking approval, wanting to get life ‘right’ - yet despite creating a level of outer ‘success’, their ‘inner world’ feels in chaos - and they get lost in the shame, guilt and fear of feeling ‘not enough’.  


Through her Archetypal Apothecary™ path (which is a unique combination of the 3 ancient wisdom bodies of homeopathy, archetypal psychology and energy healing, and provides a soul map for your healing and unique gifts), Nicole guides magical women from seeking healing 'quick fixes', being disconnected from their bodies and shaming their unique gifts into harnessing their own “inner apothecary” to become their own soul-healer. She believes that we don’t have to obliterate our lives to become healers, but we can step in, tenderly, to our calling - by beginning with healing ourselves first, so that we can discover our gifts in own wounds, and become a healer of others from integrity - learning to become the unapologetically magical healer our soul was born to be.

See more from Nicole via her website ( and listen to her podcast The Secret Witch Show.


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