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Appointment Room (known as “Wellness Suites”): Space Hire

Terms and Conditions

Agreement for Services between Fire + Alchemy Ltd (“F+A”) and “[name of hiring party]”

52 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3EP

Update: 14 January 2024


Please note that these Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. 



Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, these Terms + Conditions and the rules, terms and policies referenced and incorporated herein and any other applicable policies and procedures as provided or made available to you from time to time (collectively, the “Agreement”), describe your rights and obligations in connection with your access, hire, services provided as part of, or that are incidental or related to, your hire of the Fire + Alchemy Ltd space (as described herein and as available from time to time, the “Services”).  In this instance space hire services relates to the appointment rooms (“Wellness Suite 1” and “Wellness Suite 2”) on the Ground floor of the property at 52 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3EP. By using the Services, you are agreeing that you, and any individuals you authorise to use your venue hire on your behalf, shall abide by and be bound by this Agreement.  

Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales, and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. 


Who we are for the purposes of this Agreement is Fire + Alchemy Limited, and referenced as Fire + Alchemy.  We reserve the right to change the legal entity that charges you for services.  The relevant entity with which you enter this agreement shall be known within this agreement, on booking sites and other policies as “we”, “our”, “us”, “Fire + Alchemy” or “F+A”.



References to the “hiring party”, “you” and “your” and similar words within this agreement refer to the individual or organisation registering or receiving the Services and agreeing to be bound by this agreement. If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of another individual, you are agreeing that you have the necessary authority and consent to bind the individual to this agreement. You, as the hirer of the space, are agreeing to be responsible for your compliance within this agreement. 



References to “services” in this agreement refer to hire of the appointment rooms / Wellness Suites on the Ground floor of the property at 52 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3EP, for a set period of time.


Services include

Use of one appointment room or “wellness suite” for one practitioner, and one other person (client / guest) between the booked times only, subject to prior reservation and payment of the space via the booking system, during operating between “business hours”, in accordance with your booking. 


Complimentary access to the shared internet connection, in accordance to the F+A Internet policy, will also be provided.


Changes to our Services or these Terms + Conditions 

Fire + Alchemy reserves the right and sole discretion to change the services and these terms from time to time. 

House rules 

You, as the space holder and your client or guest must adhere to the house rules at all times. Failure to do so may mean that you are asked to leave with immediate effect, without refund. 




We treat the privacy of those who visit or use the F+A space extremely seriously across a number of ways.


Your privacy

In accordance with UK data protection laws, we do not provide third parties with your personal and private information.


Others’ privacy 

The Hirer of the space agrees not to take any photos or publicly mention (including on social media) anyone in the F+A premises by name, without express consent. This includes customers or patrons of the coffee house, retail space or those attending another event / 121 appointment. 


Should the Hirer of the space post any images taken within the F+A space on their website or on social media, by booking the space, they are agreeing to remove it immediately at the request of F+A if it does not comply with the above, or with F+A guidelines and standards. 





F+A takes no responsibility should you, or any client / guest leave any personal belongings or property at F+A, and reserve the right to dispose of anything left on the premises and by booking, you are waiving any claims or demands regarding the property, or the handling of the property. It is your responsibility to ensure yours and your client / guest’s belongings are secure. 




F+A takes no responsibility for the behaviour of patrons and customers, other practitioners or other hiring parties. 




F+A have the right to terminate your booking should there be any lack of compliance to these Terms + Conditions including the House Rules, and any policy appendices whilst on site, without refund. 


In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, F+A retains the right to cancel your booking if needed, and your booking fees will be returned to you within 5 business days. 


Please commit to the space hire mindfully.  We do not provide credits or refunds after the hiring party has purchased the space hire, however if you wish to gift your session space to another practitioner, we will allow a name change on the booking. We will require written confirmation by email that the practitioner that will now using the space, has read and agreed to these terms + conditions.


In accordance to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the “cooling off” period for these services is not applicable.


F+A reserves the right to deny rental of the Wellness Suites at our own discretion for any reason and / or to anyone, at any time.  If this happens, F+A would refund payment for any future bookings.  




By booking any space within F+A, the hiring party is confirming the person working in the space has the relevant and valid insurances in place thus ensuring relevant liabilities are covered for their practice.


For the avoidance of any doubt, F+A does not cover any practitioner’s / hiring party's liability (professional or public).




Standard hours of hire

Day hire- 9.5 hours from 9.30am-7pm for the “day hire” set fee, as agreed at the time of booking. Applications for additional time either before or after this time can be made with a minimum of three days business days’ notice.

Half day hire - 4.5 hours from 9.30am-2pm (“morning slot hire”) or 2.30pm-7pm (“afternoon slot hire”).

To avoid any confusion, the Hiring party will not have access to the wellness suite before the time that their slot starts and will be required to be out of the space on the appointed end time. A buffer of 10 minutes to collect belongings and tidy up is given at the end of a session. 


End timings

The Hirer of the space must adhere to the end time of the hire period, which is strictly 2pm (“morning slot hire”) or 7pm (for “afternoon slot hire” and “full day hire”) with no more than 10 minutes to collect belongings and tidy up. Should the Hirer leave the space after the contractually agreed end time, the Hirer will be asked to leave and will be charged a flat “overrun” rate of £30. 


Opening + closing the space

F+A knows we have the highest quality of psychic and intuitive workers practicing and hosting events in the space, often doing deep spiritual work, calling in energetic guides and spirit. Hiring parties are expected to act responsibly and when working with or calling in spirit of any kind, ensuring the space is spiritually + energetically protected.  When working within these practices, please open and close the space and also provide assurance to your client / participant that the space being held is safe. 



Practitioners are to ensure that shoes are removed and placed on the mat provided when people enter the appointment space.



All equipment in the space should be replaced at the end of the space hire to the same place and in the same way.


Should any piece of equipment be dirty, please inform a member of the F+A team as soon as possible.  If any equipment is broken or damaged by the hiring party pr their client / guest, again please advise F+A staff as soon as possible. Please note there may be a fee to cover breakages. 


Consumable items

Participants are free to take water and any drinks purchased from the F+A Cacao + Coffee Bar into the appointment space.  Hot or smelly food items are not permitted in the appointment rooms. 


For fear of attracting rodents to the space, consumables cannot be left in the space at any point - cups, mugs or plates must be taken to the coffee bar at the end of your space hire time period, and you should remove rubbish and place in the large grey bin near the coffee bar.




We take the safety of those utilising the F+A space extremely seriously. 



For the safety of our practitioners and attendees, and to avoid the fire alarm sounding unnecessarily, we have a no burn policy in the wellness suites. This means sage, charcoal discs or anything else that can cause a large amount of smoke are not permitted for use.


The space is saged every day in a way that does not trigger the alarms, but if you wish to cleanse the space yourself, please use vibrational instruments such as tuning forks or aura cleansing sprays (both of which can be borrowed from F+A).


When using candles, practitioners may only use small candles of tea light size and ensure they are encased in a holder, are placed responsibly, and are not placed near the curtains by the windows. 


Should the smoke detector on the premises be activated, the alarms across the residential premises above F+A will trip, and a fine will be issued from the landlord should there not be a genuine threat of fire. This is usually in excess of £400, more so if it’s out of core working hours. As such, should the fire alarm sound due to a hiring party ignoring the burn policy, any costs issued from the landlord will be passed on to the practitioner for payment. 


Fire safety training

Upon the first time hiring the appointment rooms, the hiring party will have a brief fire safety induction. This will include what to do in the event of a fire or the fire alarm sounding, the evacuation process, and where the meeting point is. 


Physical contact with attendees

By booking the space, the hiring party agrees that should they be touching a client or participant, they have consulted and obtained a participant’s consent to do so beforehand.



Under no circumstances are practitioners to be intoxicated / under the influence of alcohol or any quantity of drugs (including illegal plant medicines or substances) when on the F+A premises. Practitioners who ignore this will be asked to leave immediately, without refund. 


No alcohol or drug-related substances (including illegal plant medicines) are allowed to be brought onto the premises of F+A.


Advice given whilst on the premises of F+A, on taking or acquiring illegal substances is not permitted.


Illegal and unethical behaviour 

By booking the use of the wellness suites at Fire + Alchemy, practitioners are agreeing that they will not be using the space for illegal activities or physically, mentally, or sexually abusive practices. Sexual misconduct or lewd acts will not be tolerated and the hire agreement will be terminated immediately, and the police will be called. F+A reserves the right to terminate any hire agreements with immediate effect that do not adhere to the above, without refund.




Should you encounter an issue whilst using the space and services with Fire + Alchemy, please email, outlining the problem. If the issue is regarding a future booking due to occur within the next 24 hours, please WhatsApp Fire + Alchemy directly.




As an organisation, above all, we value kindness and inclusivity. This extends to how we treat our practitioners, space hirers and clients; the way practitioners treat the F+A staff and clients; and the way practitioners + space hirers treat each other.  


Should any client show abusive, violent or disrespectful behaviour to a practitioner / hiring party, the practitioner is within their right to ask the attendee to leave the premies, and will have the full support of F+A with doing this.  


In the eventuality that any practitioner is abusive, violent or disrespectful towards F+A staff or clients, the practitioner will be asked to leave with immediate affect, without refund.


Our values as an organisation can be found here:  If any of these points are unclear, please do reach out and ask. 





Neither party shall be deemed by any act or omission to have waived any of its rights or remedies of these terms and conditions, hereunder unless such waiver is in writing and signed by the waiving party.


Property terms

Not withstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, this Agreement shall in no way be construed so as to grant you or your title, easement, lien, possession or related rights in our business, the Premises or anything contained in our Premises.  This Agreement creates no tenancy interest (including any security of tenure), leasehold estate, or other property interest.

Relationship of the parties

Both F+A, and the hiring party are independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, or joint venture relationship is intended or created by this Agreement. Neither party will in any way misrepresent our relationship.




By paying for the space hire service, the space hiring party agrees and adheres to the points made within the terms and conditions and appendices. 




  • Whilst you are in F+A, you are responsible for your personal property. We can not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • For the safety and enjoyment of all members of our community, you shall act in a respectful manner in the space, and shall not perform any activity or cause or permit anything that is reasonably likely to be disruptive or dangerous to clients, customers or  anyone visiting F+A or our employees, guests, or property.  

  • The use of the F+A space to conduct or pursue any illegal or offensive activities is strictly prohibited, and weapons of any kind, and any other offensive, dangerous, hazardous, inflammable or explosive materials are strictly prohibited in the space. If you become aware of weapon, speak to a member of F+A staff immediately.

  • No alcohol is to be consumed or sold in the F+A space, unless previously agreed.

  • On arrival at the space, the hiring party should make themselves known to the F+A staff member(s) and advise of the guests that they expect throughout their hire period. Note that you, the space hiring party, are responsible for your client / guest whilst they are in the F+A space. 

  • For anyone using the F+A wireless internet, such persons’ computers, tablets, mobile devices and other electronic equipment must be (a) kept up-to-date with the latest software updates provided by the software vendor and (b) kept clean of any malware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, or anything that is designed to perform malicious, hostile and/or intrusive operations.  We reserve the right to remove any device from our networks that poses a threat to our networks or users until the threat is remediated.

  • You or your guests may not operate any equipment in our space without our prior approval.

  • All breakages of items, or stolen goods (including crystals and glassware) from F+A must be paid for by the hiring party. 

  • The hiring party will ensure themselves and their guests / clients adhere to all security + fire measures at all times.

  • In booking the space, practitioners agree to be mindful of the noise on the premises - sessions for rage release or work where there may be loud shouting need to be agreed beforehand. Please note that music speakers may not be currently available to you in the wellness suite - if you would like to bring your own, you may do so, keeping mind the noise levels.

  • The Hiring party is to replace all items where they found them, and clear away any mugs, cups, plates or rubbish at the end of their session hire.

  • The hiring party will always have the assistance of F+A staff, however staff will not act as a reception service.  The responsibility to greet and bring their clients into the appointment room rests with the practitioner. 



Internet Use Policy for Fire + Alchemy, Limited in England and Wales


This Internet Use Policy is established to ensure responsible and secure usage of the internet. All individuals accessing the internet within this region are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:


Lawful Use

Users must engage in lawful and ethical activities while using the internet. Any illegal activities, including but not limited to hacking, unauthorised access, or distribution of copyrighted material, are strictly prohibited.


Security and Privacy

Users are required to take necessary measures to maintain the security and privacy of information, and the upkeep of the network. This includes using strong passwords, refraining from sharing confidential data, and reporting any suspicious activities or security breaches promptly.


Prohibited Content

Accessing, downloading, or distributing explicit, offensive, or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, material that is discriminatory, harassing, or violates the rights of others.


Network Resources

Users must use network resources responsibly, avoiding excessive bandwidth consumption or any activities that may disrupt the normal operation of the network. Unauthorised attempts to access or interfere with network configurations are strictly prohibited.


Data Protection

Users are required to comply with data protection laws and regulations, ensuring the secure handling and processing of personal data. 


By accessing the internet within the jurisdiction of England and Wales, users acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of this Internet Use Policy. This policy is subject to periodic review and updates, and users are responsible for staying informed about any changes.


Effective Date: From 14th January 2024

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