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Sabrina is an Energetician hairdresser, energy healer, Reiki Master + THETA healer, with a background of 25 years in hairdressing in France + London. She provides Energy Haircuts (also called Trichotherapy), a healing modality that helps us physically, emotionally + spiritually.

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Sabrina is an Energetician hairdresser with a background of 25 years in hairdressing in France + London. Drawn to the holistic side of life, Sabrina continued her journey of personal development with various training: REIKI MASTER, THETA HEALER, RTT(HYPNOTHERAPY) + ENERGY HEALING. Through this learning she found the calling to assist others with their self empowerment healing.


Sabrina knew that her two passions were meant to connect together, and discovered the ENERGY HAIRCUT, also called TRICHOTHERAPY (founded by Jill Andrieu, a former L’Oréal professional + Wella ambassador), meaning the therapy by the hair from the ancient GREEK.


Sabrina strongly believes that powerful healing comes from our own understanding, and this power through this technique allows us to meet ourselves.


Beauty comes from within and our hair reflects both our character, our mood of the moment and is the first indication of the state of our health.

Our body does not lie, and our hair reflect who we are. 

This technique allowed Sabrina to better understand the hair, the body, the energy and the connection between them, as well as understanding herself better too. 


Her Energy Haircuts are a 90 minute, one to one journey with ourself to harmonise the mind, body + hair.


What you can expect: 

Curls are better defined, hair is revitalised, more shine, a decrease and sometime a stop in hair loss, personal development, becoming closer and in more connection to oneself, being more whole, and more united with self.

Sabrina was recently featured in Elle UK - click HERE for the article.


Treatments take place on Sundays + Mondays only + booking is by appointment - please email to book. 

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