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Ravi is a Certified Wim Hof Method Level 2 Instructor, based in London. Ravi believes that everyone has the ability to access their birth right - which is Happiness, Health + Strength!

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Ravi has trained knowledge of the body’s physiology, neurology and biochemistry, alongside direct cold exposure and breathwork training method, having successfully completed back to back year-long training programmes which both culminated Winter expeditions to Poland. 


The Wim Hof Method (WHM) has personally given Ravi a deeper ability to be in control whilst also enhancing stress management and performance in his everyday life. Ravi has been able to optimise his health, build mental resilience, grow personal relationships, re-connect with nature and turbocharge his corporate and entrepreneurial career progress. 


Ravi's background is in Financial Services (Investment Banking and Asset Management) - he has experienced first-hand the tenacity and pressures of corporate life and the difficulties that many people face with work/life balance, stress, lack of sleep and other pertinent issues that can affect health, relationships and outlooks. 


Ravi brings to bear his passion for Health and Performance Optimisation, embracing both Business, Personal Health and Wellness attributes, all underpinned by 12 years of experience in the Corporate world, delivering powerful and impactful sessions and workshops for all types of clients.


The 3 pillars of the WHM are Breathwork, Cold Exposure & Mindset Commitment. These are all natural elements accessible to all. We all have the ability to access and ignite our Inner Power coming back stronger, happier and healthier. The WHM is a very efficient and accessible practice which powerfully combines and utilises oxygen and water/cold to optimize body & mind and influence physiology & biochemistry. We use oxygen and cold as acute stressors on the body to induce an outsized biochemical response.


To find out more about the Wim Hof Method, Ravi and his offerings, click here



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