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Rachael specialises in the field of Sekhem Energy and Sound Therapy, Breathwork, Holistic Herbalism and Astrology. Weaving both ancient and evolved elemental practices together in ceremonial ways, Rachael facilitates the transmutation of heavy energies that tend to hold us back from living in our fullest potential.

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Rachael supports intuitives to embrace their sensitivities as their greatest power.


Through her past battles with navigating her own sensitivities and intuitive nature, Rachael experienced that being a highly sensitive person in our over stimulating society felt like a heavy burden. After trying to de-sensitise or numb through unhealthy coping mechanisms, Rachael came to learn that her sensitive nature is a super power and through a journey of remembrance, she embraced this important part of herself, which in turn built a natural resilience.


Rachael now holds space for other intuitives that are navigating their own path of sensitivities. As an Intuitive Practitioner, Rachael takes an animist approach to wellbeing and spirituality.


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