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Mara, aka The Intuition Queen, is an intuitive + creative coach, healer, energy alchemist, colour therapy specialist, human design reader, oracle card reader + more.

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Mara discovered early on to have a very powerful intuition that she used to guide herself in her life. It’s only when she started coaching and doing colour therapy readings that she realised how her intuition was powerful and empowering and could be used to serve others.


She is specialised in helping people connect with their intuition and learn to trust it, so that they can release energetic, emotional and mental blocks and create the life they desire and be free to be who they truly are.


Mara believes that understanding how we function energetically and emotionally is essential for us to become the person we want to be and create the life we desire and follow our path. 


In knowing how we function we can release what no longer serves us and amplify our own personal strengths.


Colour therapy, Human Design and her psychic abilities are the practices she uses the most to help people transform their lives.


Each and everyone of us has a specific and unique blueprint and she is passionate to help people understand that so they can follow their personal flow of abundance.


Mara is at Fire + Alchemy every month for in-person 1:1 human design readings. To see availability + to book, please click here.

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