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Giap is an Energy Healer, Sensuality & Conscious K!nk Guide. She specialises in somatic sensual movement, tantric breath, energy healing and sound to help people become empowered and find their sensuality.

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Energetic healer and conscious k!nk coach, Giap Tongsayor, leads the way for us all by delivering a method of individual coaching and healing that uses trauma, shadow work and spiritual connections to realise transformative results for her clients.


Her method is founded upon safe integration, storytelling and mutual vulnerability, no-one leaves her presence without desiring to be held and a *renewed* sense of belonging.


Through curated programs and events, Giap calls us all to step into our truths as a process for deep healing.


It’s impossible not to resonate with her own experiences of sexual disempowerment and violation and inside of those tales comes a warm repair and the emergence of feminine wisdom that returns women to their sexual power.

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