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Gianluca is a Tarot reader and medium who uses his intuition and spiritual connection to provide guidance and insight to his clients. With years of experience studying the Tarot and the symbolism it holds, Gianluca offers a unique perspective that blends traditional knowledge with his own psychic abilities.

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Gianluca Roina was born with an intuitive soul. Even as a child, before he had names for his abilities, Gianluca began working as a dream worker. He would connect with the spirit world while sleeping, and wake up with knowledge he hadn't possessed the night before. Sometimes, these dreams provided glimpses of future events, while other times they imparted practical knowledge he hadn't known he needed. By learning to interpret these experiences, Gianluca discovered a connection to the Tarot.

At the age of seven, Gianluca convinced his father to buy him his first Tarot deck. From that day on, he has been endlessly fascinated by the cards and the stories they tell. The Tarot became a gateway to the same realms he previously visited only in his dreams. The deck acted as a threshold, a doorway that Gianluca could open whenever he wished to communicate with the spirit world, receive messages, and channel a higher knowing.

Over the years, Gianluca has delved deeply into the symbolism and knowledge hidden within each Arcana, studying numerology, color coding, and astrology. He has learned from many practitioners and masters, but also developed his own deep intuitive connection to each card through psychic work and guidance from his spirit guides.

Today, Gianluca's readings go beyond a simple exploration of the cards and their energies. He also accesses his spiritual team to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation at hand. As his attunement to the spirit world grew, Gianluca developed Mediumistic skills, which he now blends with his Tarot readings.

Many people see Tarot as a tool for divination, but Gianluca believes they offer much more. The cards provide a profound snapshot of the current energies, both internal and external. They cut to the heart of the matter, offering a multifaceted view from a unique vantage point. Tarot grants access to all aspects of a situation, allowing individuals to adjust their course towards their desired destination.

Gianluca's passion lies in empowering others to navigate their journeys.


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