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Francesca is an Inter-dimensional Channeller and Earth Gridworker, delivering powerful high-frequency energy healings and Merkaba light-body activations through Light-Language and Arcturian light-technology encoded Crystals.

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Francesca founded the Cosmic Coincidences Collective to help others remember & activate their MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELVES, access messages & encoded frequencies from one’s higher dimensional guides and higher aspect of self which are residing in other timelines and star systems.


Her Gridworker role sees her travel often to Sacred and New sites to open up inter-dimensional portals with the help of her Arcturian Self + Council residing in the 9th Dimension. Increasingly, more people are being called to join her on this sacred lightworker service to our planet.


Born with high energetic sensitivities, it is only after a sudden explosive Kundalini awakening that she developed trance-mediumship 

and advanced intra-dimensional body-channelling abilities.


During the Kundalini awakening stage, Francesca was contacted by various Archangels and Ascended Masters who helped her remember her Soul’s current life mission of helping the planet and the collective in the ascension process of transitioning into 5th Dimension and beyond.

Archangel Metatron came in to train her over a period of various months to activate the 12Dimensional Merkhaba light-body which allowed her to download increased higher dimensional light aspects of her Higher Self & gain access into her Monad. This lightbody expansion has enabled her to incorporate some of her Soul’s aspects manifesting in other star system such Arcturus, Sirius, Lyra, Pleiadies, Andromeda - the Venusian Collective, and also from  the timelines of Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt. These all participate in different ways in her intra-dimensional energy work and in delivering to others their powerful healing Light-Codes, wisdom and messages.


She offers these services through bespoke transmissions, both in person, and remote, through her high altitude Quartz Crystals which are dowloaded with Arcturian frequency activating codes, and through channelled personal activating messages in the form of Light Language Paintings.


Coming from a background career as a stockbroker one of her missions is to let others know that this remembrance and activation journey is for all walks of life. It is not a gift nor a privilege of an ‘awakened elite’ but that everyone - regardless of age, beliefs, religion and career paths has this embedded within them. 


She now helps others on a similar journey to navigate the awakening process of remembering & reconnecting into their multidimensional divine essence and to give them a safe sacred space where to activate their energetic/psychic/healing abilities and their own connections to other layers of reality.


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