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Sat, 15 Jun




Discover how to unlock the full power of your intuition with ancient plant medicines. You’ll get to try a variety of intuition-enhancing plant medicines, take a deep journey with them and learn how to use them at home to continue your development.

Apologies! Tickets are unavailable. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please email us.
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Time & Location

15 Jun 2024, 14:00 – 17:00

Fire+Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP


About the event

We all have an inner guidance system provided to us by our intuition - that deep knowing that stems from the piece of divine consciousness that is our true self. 

Ignore your intuition and it grows weak. Nurture it, and amazing things can happen.

Contrary to popular belief, humans’ psychic abilities have nothing to do with foretelling the future, their actual role is to allow us to pick up on energetic stimuli that our ordinary senses simply can’t detect - stimuli that are considered messages from your soul and the soul of the universe.

Plant medicines allow us to enhance our intuition by unlocking new pathways of communication in our brains, heightening our perception of energy all around us and working on energetic centres in the body (chakras). The goal isn’t to attain superpowers, it’s to unlock the innate wisdom that already resides in you… and use it to create a life of peace, purpose and fulfilment.

That’s why shamans (folk healers) and indigenous cultures have used (and continue to use) plant medicines for spiritual guidance and unlocking new levels of human consciousness.

Interested in seeing how 4 highly revered plant medicines can take your intuition to a new level? Then don’t miss this 3-hour hands-on workshop and plant medicine journey.

Facilitated by doctor, herbalist and master plant ceremony facilitator, Ifeyinwa Ihonor, you’ll be introduced to the following plant medicines:

  • Mexican dream herb - a Mexican shrub that’s traditionally used to gain wisdom, clairvoyance and answers to life’s burning questions through dreams
  • Blue and pink lotus flowers - two sacred Egyptian flowers used to communicate with universal consciousness and gain enlightenment by unlocking the third eye and heart
  • Mugwort - a magical moon herb that’s traditionally used to heighten psychic abilities, lucid dream and harness the transformative powers of the moon

You’ll get to:

  • Taste and work with each plant medicine
  • Discover the full physical, spiritual and emotional benefits of each plant
  • Identify which is the best plant medicine for your intuitive development
  • Journey with the plant in a dreamy ceremonial cacao and plant medicine meditative journey
  • Create an at-home ritual for working with these plants

About Ifeyinwa:

Ifeyinwa Ihonor is a medical doctor + geneticist, who is also trained in herbal medicine preparation + master plant ceremony facilitation. Ifeyinwa is the Founder of enhanced ceremonial Cacao brand, 8 Within.

Click here to see Ifeyinwa's full biography. 


  • Please check with your doctor if you are taking medications that may interact with medicinal herbs.
  • Please note that our classes take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.
  • Please note that by signing up to this event, you are confirming you have read, and agree, to our yoga policy and waiver, found here.
  • Please kindly ensure you arrive before the appointed start time. Unfortunately we are unable to admit those who arrive later. 
  • Please purchase mindfully as we do not offer refunds or class credits.  However, if you can no longer attend and wish to gift your ticket to a loved one, we honour name changes on tickets - please just email us with the name of the new attendee in advance of the event.
  • Some plant medicines can interact with different types of medication. Please let Fire + Alchemy know of any medication you're on before the event. You can still participate, but you may need to sit out the tasting part of the workshop.

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