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Erika is an intuitive astrologer.  With the knowledge she’s been acquiring over the past 2 years, she combines the complex nature of astrology with connecting to the birth chart on an empathic level.

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Erika's approach is to sit in ceremony with the chart and then begin to unravel the symbolism and archetypes in order to interpret what the cosmos is saying within the natal chart.  She is a believer that astrology is a tool to assist one in raising their vibration and connecting to their soul’s path.  


Over the past two years, Erika has been studying at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and is working towards her diploma.


Erika is also a certified Embodied Reiki Level 2 practitioner.  

Erika was born in the USA but has spent the last 15 years living all around Europe. She first arrived in Lugano, Switzerland, trailing her husband of 20 years and dragging her two kids along for the ride. Her oldest, Madyson is a PR account executive here in London and Sydney, her youngest, is finishing up their A-levels this year.  She has also lived in Berlin, Germany, Sotogrande, Spain and arrived in London in December of 2019.   This wanderlust greatly satisfied her Sagittarius Moon, but she now feels like London is her forever home.  


Recently, while going over her birth chart, she discovered that her Venus line crosses where she now lives in East London, which tracks with where she sees her soul path going.   Her passion for astrology comes from her chart ruler, Mercury, along with her love to teach others.  Her belief is that everyone should have access to understanding the language of the sky. This helps us have the astrological tools to give us perspectives that are unique to the planetary energies in our personal charts.



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