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Carly Ann is a Somatic Attachment and Trauma Informed Coach.  

Using attachment and somatic focused methods, Carly Ann focuses her coaching on healing the past, mastering self-soothing skills, and creating the inner world to be able to find and sustain healthy relationships.

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Recovering from insecure attachment herself, Carly now supports other people to have more open, softer, and happier relationships with themselves, which in turn has had a beautiful influence on both dating and the important relationships in her clients' lives.

Carly Ann believes everyone deserves healthy love in their lifetime, and as such, is on a mission to put an end to people "feeling crazy", "too much", or "not enough" - by giving the inside scoop on why love can feel this way.


For those with an anxious and/or avoidant attachment style, Carly offers 1:1 sessions. She also runs the Attachment Recovery Gym, an online membership for people doing the inner work on healing the past and becoming secure.

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