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Talete has 18 years' experience of personal + spiritual development, including 7 years exploring lucid dreaming + OBEs. Talete's specialism is Energy Awakening + he is passionate about connecting people with their own energy to help them learn to love themselves more + live in the fullness of their vitality.


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Talete is a Reiki Master + Teacher of Usui + Holy Fire Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Lightarian Reiki; a Siddha Kundalini Healer and a Sekkem Healing Advanced Practitioner. 


Talete is facilitating "Awaken Your Unique Energy", a three-hour energy masterclass on the 23 April. 


This will give participants a greater insight + practical exercises on using energy and how to source our own energy healing from within. 


Included in the workshop: 

- Energy teachings and practical exercises to truly understand energy + how it works, - Grounding practices to anchor yourself during energy healings + also in day to day life, 

- Breathwork practices that to support the clearing of your system, so you can feel the presence of energy more acutely, 

- Group energy healing from Talete to ground + integrate the learnings from this workshop.

Head to Eventbrite to book your spot HERE.

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