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Delve into the depths of your soul with our Akashic Records Reading + Healing service

  • 1 h
  • 121 British pounds

Service Description

We will walk through the ancient library that holds the energetic imprints of your soul, uncovering past experiences and patterns that may be impacting your present life. Through this insightful journey, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and receive healing, to transform anything that is holding you back in this moment. Book your session today to experience the power of this profound modality and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. What type of questions can you ask in the Akashic Records? For these sessions it is suggested to pick a subject that you would like to get more insight on and have three questions prepared on it. It’s good to have a think about it before the session, intention is always key to any healing or reading that you do. Asking yes or no questions are limited as they can only give you one of two answers, when in truth there will be more to the question. Here are some examples: - What can I do to help ease this situation in this current life? - What do I need to know at this moment for my highest and greatest good? - Where do I need to let go of this fear/phobia/dislike? - What is stopping me from moving forward at this time? - How can I better understand the magnitude of the situation in the past life? - What can I heal in the past for the future to flow with ease and grace? - How does this person play a role in my life now? - What talents and gifts can I bring into this lifetime? - What is something that I am not seeing in the situation? - What is masked or hidden that I may not know of? - Are there any soul contracts that are ready to be released? - What arch type am I in this lifetime? Subjects that we can read, heal or transform: - Main & Soul Purpose - Fears / Phobias / Dislikes - Gifts & Talents - Relationships / Friendships - Archetypes - Ancestral Healing - Soul Contracts Please note that in these sessions marital contracts or medical diagnosis of any sorts will not be discussed.

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE PURCHASE MINDFULLY - we do not offer refunds or credits on 121 appointments or events. CHANGE OF TICKET NAME - if you can no longer attend one of our 121 events, workshops, classes or events, and would like to gift your ticket to a friend or loved one, please do so and just inform us at CANCELLATION POLICY - if one of our readings, 121 appointments, workshops, classes or events is cancelled by us or the practitioner, we will refund you within 5 working days. LATE ARRIVAL - unfortunately, if you arrive after the start time of any event or reading, we are not able to guarantee entrance. Please arrive 10 minutes before the appointed start time to settle into the space. Likewise if you are joining online, please arrive early to ensure all tech is working correctly.

Contact Details

+44 (0) 7493 057409

Fire + Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3EP, UK

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