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If you keep repeating negative patterns, have disease and pain or struggle with low mood and fatigue, then this book will show you the pathway to health.

The Healed State is your healing bible. In it we uncover some incredible studies into health, helping you find answers to questions such as..

  • How to stop self sabotaging
  • How to release blockages and old negative patterns
  • How to bring joy, peace and balance back into your life.
  • Healing your body through behaviour, activities, nutrition, nature and many other modalities, even healing in your sleep.


Many questions are asked through out the book to help you through the healing process. Questions such as

  • If my body could speak, what would it tell me now?
  • What do happiness and joy feel like in your mind, body and soul
  • Why are you wanting to give up what is making you sick?

Your body needs a consistent harmony of flowing energy to heal in your physical, mental, and emotional health. The moment that is blocked you become unwell.

Lets get to work on removing those energy blocks with simple proven and exciting methods that work so you are living in a healed state.




The Healed State by Christianne Wolff

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