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Peter is a Reiki Master, artist + a facilitator to young people, supporting + assisting them to access their own creative expression through visual arts. 

Peter is currently studying Hermetic philosophy, Akashics + soul channeling, amongst other healing modalities + has a keen interest in astro-cartography + resonance healing. 


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Peter is a Reiki Master who began connecting deeper with spirituality around five - six years ago. He has a background of 18 years working closely with young adults with a specialist focus on creative processes, developing expression and being a massive empath, supporting their emotional health. 

Peter teaches through visual art forms using a nebula of methods as a channel for mindful meditation through photography, and all things visual as part of confidence building, shaping identities and guidance through mentoring thereafter for future paths.

Peter is currently studying Hermetic philosophy, Akashics and soul channeling amongst other healing modalities. 

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