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Natalie is a breathwork facilitator, specialising in a technique called PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️, and sound healing therapist . She also works with crystals, Reike, cold water therapy and plant medicine, including cacao. 

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A mother of two, Natalie has only recently returned to the UK from living in the Netherlands and Portugal for the last six years. 

She is passionate about taking people beyond the mind with breath and sound, and provides guidance on getting into a state of bliss, oneness, deep relaxation and harmony.

Natalie believes that we are all our own healers. She creates a safe space using a range of ancient healing modalities to help people access their own inner wisdom and healing.

She specialises in PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️; a dynamic breathwork technique combining ancient breathing methods, backed up with the knowledge of contemporary science, and the art of electronic music.


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