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A Priestess of Sacred Alchemy, Minal Narayani is devoted to the co-evolutionary pathways anchored in our re:membrance, inspired by the ancient future. A multi-faceted healer, ceremonialist, spiritual mentor and master teacher, she blends shamanic sound alchemy, Vedanta yoga, trance led meditations and embodiment practices to enable spiritual warriors to transmute, embody and evolve.

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Minal Narayani is the founder of the Temple of Alchemy, a modern day mystery school anchored in ancient wisdom traditions enabling radical reclamation, self-mastery and heart-led leadership through a bespoke journey for those unique souls who are rising at this extraordinary time.


Her pathway into healing came  through bereavement and through this journey of healing grief she has come to create all her offerings with alchemical practices at their heart – transmuting wounds into powerful wisdom.


With a Scorpio Stellium in her birth chart, she is devoted to the integration of our collective shadows and ancestral healing practices that activate the evolutionary pathways of ascension.


Minal's approach is to enable all those who she serves to clear their channels and be guided by their instinct, and to fully receive intuition and inspiration directly from source.

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