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Krystal is a qualified yoga teacher, professional dancer + professional DJ. She is the founder of Superfoxx, a global brand dedicated to empowering Women + Girls through Music.

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Krystal’s movement training began as a teenager studying and teaching a range of dance disciplines. Furthering her knowledge she trained as a professional dancer and qualified with a Diploma in Dance and Drama. 


Moving to London, Krystal went on to work professionally in film, television and theatre and a yearning for a deeper Spiritual understanding began. Krystal’s best friend took her to her first Vinyasa Flow class and she was hooked! 


Practising several times a week, in 2016 she enrolled with Hot Power Yoga in London under the direction of Dylan Ayaloo and qualifying with a 200 Hour Yoga Training by Yoga Alliance. 


Krystal practiced regularly with Sarah Thompson and Stewart Gilchrist and in 2018 travelled to Kerala, India to train with Shiva Rea. Experiencing the immersion into art, practice and realisation of the yogic-tantric view of the "body as temple" Prana Flow and Kalari practice.


During this time, Krystal toured Globally as a DJ, the energy and joy with playing music was powerful but she also witnessed and experienced inequality so founded Superfoxx to empower Women and Girls through Music. 


The Superfoxx events appear around The World, bringing together DJ’s and Instructors in Music and Fitness, powered by Women.


Krystal’s classes are based in Vinyasa Flow. They are dynamic, bringing grounding breathing techniques, mediation and mantra throughout class to a musical soundtrack helping participants feel the best version of themselves, and supported in life, on and off the mat.

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