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Kali is both a Sensual Arts + Women's Circle Facilitator. She offers Reiki, Somatic Attachment Therapy + has trained in multi-styled yoga practices including Kundalini Hatha / hot Vinyasa. 

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Kali is a wild child who believes in the celebration of the body and bringing desires to life.


Leaving the world of optometry, her path led her to trainings in India and Spain to share multi-styled yoga practices (Kundalini-Hatha/Hot Vinyasa). Her interest in the body brought Reiki and Somatic Attachment Therapy as modalities she offers. 


Becoming a woman’s circle facilitator by the Sistership Circle, her passion to create spaces of permission and vulnerability as a shared value grew. 


Having graduated from the Sensual Arts School as a Sensual Arts Facilitator, she has immersed herself to be of service in curating journeys that blend connection to spirit and sensuality. 

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