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Jane Marle is a Reiki practitioner, Sound Healer, Psychic Medium + Tarot Reader. She is the founder of London based wellness brand House of Jiriki.

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After spending her early career working in the fashion industry and struggling with burn out, Jane realised how easy it is to get caught in the rat race and forget to take the time to restore and reset. Whilst escaping to a spa or a wellness retreat could provide her with a momentary period of pause, Jane was determined to find a way to reclaim balance in her every day life.

Inspired by the Japanese approach of creating wellbeing rituals, she started to incorporate small moments of calm into her routine and immediately felt the difference. Knowing the impact that these small but powerful moments had on her ability to harness her own happiness and to discover her self-power, Jane became passionate about helping others do the same. 


Her mission is to help you unlock and enhance your inner powers: focusing on creativity, self-care, healing, inner guidance and self-discovery.


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