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Janie is a sound therapist, reiki master, crystal expert and astrology obsessive.  She offers sound & vibrational therapies, sound healing & meditations, shamanic journeying, intuitive astrology + oracle reading as well as offering tarot education courses.

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On a very definite second act after a career in fashion, Janie immersed herself in the

soundspace when a brain tumour diagnosis offered her an alternative vision of the future and a path away from her London life.

A nomad at heart, she now divides her time between the beachy coasts of Brighton &

Cornwall, and along with her public events, private clients and retreat appearances is

currently working on her first book (which will be published in 2024), and the launch of her sound healing certification programme, as well as astrology and tarot education courses.

Janie also owns a lifestyle brand named Rock & Ritual – a cosmic apothecary full of magical wares and tools to inspire cosmic connection.

She travels nationwide and beyond delivering immersive, astro-fuelled sonic experiences that are artfully designed to integrate science, spirituality and shamanic consciousness with our natural intuitive frequencies.


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