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Ifeyinwa Lauretta Ihonor is a medical doctor + geneticist, who is also trained in herbal medicine preparation + master plant ceremony facilitation. Ifeyinwa is the Founder of enhanced ceremonial Cacao brand, 8 Within.

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After spending five years travelling the world (from India to Indonesia, Hawaii and Costa Rica) studying herbal medicine with native teachers, one thing was clear: Ifeyinwa had to share the mood-transforming magic of authentic ceremonial cacao with as many people as possible… and 8 Within was born.


8 Within offers hand-blended ceremonial-cacao elixirs infused with sacred plants that have been traditionally used to elevate the mind and expand consciousness. The cacao is ethically sourced from small sustainable organic farms in Peru, and the herbs used are wildcrafted for maximum potency. 


Ifeyinwa continues to travel the world, discovering lesser-known herbal traditions and remedies, and introducing them to those in the UK and beyond who are keen to optimise body, mind, and soul through the alchemical power of healing plants. 


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