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Helen Çığda Gökçınar is a Literary Scholar, Philologist, Writer, Mythopoetic Tarot and Astrology Instructor, Trauma-Informed Coach and Theta Healer.


Her quest began by the time she picked up her first Tarot deck and Hajo Banzhaff's book from a bookstore when she was 10.

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The Wounded Healer archetype was engraved in Helen's soul as well as her genes. Thus, whenever she felt different, outcasted and misunderstood, she turned to her books. Her love for the healing power of words, myths and human psyche led her to study English Literature. Her love grew day by day and she graduated with upper second class honours degree.


As she wanted to delve deeper, she decided to pursue an Academic career and studied American Literature and Children’s Literature, MA. She lost herself in a world full of fairy tales, complexes, mythological quests, archetypes and symbols. However, there was still something missing.


After having a heart-breaking miscarriage, the universe offered her a chance to fill that void and she found herself this time in a more spiritual path. By the time she balanced the mind with the heart, Helen finally realised that she could no longer ignore her call.  It was high time to embrace her wound by helping others.


Aligned with her Birth Chart’s potential, Helen Çığda Gökçınar has been working as a spiritual counsellor since 2019.  She offers signature psycho-spiritual Tarot, Astrology and Coaching sessions and life-changing courses to guide heroines back home to their wild selves.


Helen Çığda Gökçınar’s Astro ID: Sun Scorpio in 10th House, Rising Aquarius, Moon Leo in 7th house. 

Her Favourite Placement: Mercury Sagittarius in 10th House

Her Notorious Placement: Venus, Saturn, and Neptune Capricorn conjunction in 12th house in opposition to Jupiter and Chiron Cancer conjunction in 6th house.

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