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Ezraiel (He/Him) will be teaching the group at the Sekham Temple Level 1 Initiation Retreat day (17th October), guiding the attunement ceremony as well as the practical + theoretical aspects of the training. 

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Ez lives and breathes Sekhem, it has become a deeply integrated aspect of his everyday ~ a core part of maintaining a balanced wellbeing and connection to soul purpose. The Sekhem journey opened as a mystery to Ez, and his curiosity with the modality grew over the years to eventually the moment of stepping into teaching. He also holds work with various plant teachers, re-connecting people to the medicine of the Earth and working through trauma into a space of empowered embodiment.


Ezraiel also offers Hand Poke tattoo ceremony, where the journey of marking the body is honoured in prayer, intention and magick.


His passion in teaching Sekhem comes from a desire to empower community and encourage the blooming of each person's unique healing gifts. Ezraiel's circles are a space where all genders are welcome in their fullness, as a transgender space holder, he nurtures a deep space of love, care and inclusivity.


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