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Wed, 10 May




This invitation is for women to reclaim their POWER and be the change they want to see by creating healthy BOUNDARIES with self and others. Included is this event is guided meditation, breathwork, shadow work + somatic exercises on boundaries.

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Time & Location

10 May, 19:00 – 20:30

Fire+Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP


About the event

To fully embody one's sexual self through sensual practices requires a rights of passage to feel fully safe. There are many safety tools we can use and this invitation is to explore the Sacred NO. Exploring different ways of creating healthy boundaries will allow us to show up authentically whilst safeguarding us from situation and relationships that doesn't serve us. 

As modern-day women living in the West, we can find it challenging to balance our inner masculine and feminine frame.It is known that a person who cultivates their feminine energy can move from intuition, wisdom and inner knowing. Other areas associated with the feminine energy is nurture, creativity, abundance, empowerment, freedom and sensuality.

What is common within the Tongsayor community is that women want to feel SAFE to surrender into all these things, especially when it comes to our expression of our sensual self.

It is not that we want to always be in our masculine frame if, in all honestly, we are tired. We are deeply craving a safe container that’s built on trust, consistency and respect. When our boundaries have been crossed, we can react by moving into our protective masculine frame (action, strength, courage, independence, leadership and assertiveness).

Does this resonate with you, are you ready for change?

Giap believes that change in anything starts from within. When we focus on our internal world our external world with respond. This invitation is for women to reclaim their POWER and be the change they want to see by creating healthy BOUNDARIES with self and others.

When we honour the sacred NO we:

* Reclaim our POWER

* Release the People Pleasing wounds

* Embody our WORTH


* End toxic relationship and cycles that no longer support you.

* End self sabotage behaviours

In releasing and ending these wounds we create space for:



> Inner PEACE

> Opportunities to expand and step into our greatness

What to expect:

We will begin with a heart opening meditation for grounding which will lead into the sacred sharing circle to reflect and discover our shadows around boundaries (or lack of it).

Giap will guide you through some playful somatic exercise to feel into what safety is for us as individuals before we open our space to others.

What does it feel like to say NO, what does it feel like to receive no and how can we begin to start healing these wounds through awareness.

We will close the space with a grounding crystal sound bath.

Who is this for: 

Anyone who associate themselves as feminine and non-binary.

What’s included: 

Guided meditation, Breathwork, Shadow work, Somatic exercises on boundaries

About your space holder:

Energetic healer, sensuality + conscious k!nk coach, Giap, leads the way for us all by delivering a method of individual coaching and healing that uses trauma, shadow work and spiritual connections to realise transformative results for her clients. Her method is founded upon safe integration, storytelling and mutual vulnerability; no-one leaves her presence without desiring to be held and a *renewed* sense of belonging.

Through curated programs and events, Giap calls us all to step into our truths as a process for deep healing. It’s impossible not to resonate with her own experiences of sexual disempowerment and violation and inside of those tales comes a warm repair and the emergence of feminine wisdom that returns women to their sexual power.

Please see Giap's bio for more information.


  • Please note that our classes take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.
  • Please only take part in the event if you are physically able. If you are unsure for any reason please contact your doctor or mental health professional first for advice. 





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