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Sat, 15 Jun




Guided Meditations with Crystals to open your Channel, and connect to Cosmic insight + Wisdom that is personal to You.

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Time & Location

15 Jun 2024, 11:00 – 13:00

Fire+Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP, UK


About the event

Join Roberta, Channel & Energy Activator for this opportunity to meditate with Crystals and connect with Higher Consciousness to gain Insight, get Guidance and create Positive Transformation.

This month we will work with High Range Crystals by meditating with Clear Quartz Pyramids. 

Clear Quartz is like a physical manifestation of solid light / It is associated with the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. 

  • It aids in cosmic connection
  • Acts as an energetic amplifier
  • Brings clarity and speed to energetic orientation.   

High-range in this context relates to Crystals that help connect to the higher vertical axis. Planes that can be named as: 

  • Astral 
  • Cosmic 
  • Heavenly 
  • Source 
  • God or Goddess Head 
  • Divine Consciousness

These are all ways of referring to the higher axis that opens us to experiences of altered states which are other worldly.  It is an act of raising.  Just as dropping into energy on the vertical access is an act of grounding.

As High Frequency Energy is by its nature heady, to create a stable connection requires grounding.  This is the beauty of working with Clear Quartz Pyramids.  The form of the crystal allows a resonant structure which is held by a base of at all four corners through the ground, before the apex of the connection is established via the top of the head.

This is Channeling in its most received and recognised form. By mediating with these Crystals as a catalyst to create energetic connection, you will be guided into an expanded state to connect with Cosmic consciousness.

Within our energy bodies is a crystalline form that connects to the realms of subtle energy. Providing access to intuition & inspiration with clarity and intelligence. 

These sessions activate this form and open pathways to Channel supportive information via a combination of Crystals, Breath-work and Guided Meditation. 

Crystals have a specific vibration, unique to their form.  These unique vibrations aid in opening our bodies to different frequencies of energy.  Assisting in attuning our channel to commune with differing realms, and receive insight from each.     

In turn, the guided meditations and breath-work help to locate and integrate the information.  Bringing all elements of the experience together to invite embodiment of the insights that come through.

Partnered work is also a part of the session.  Presenting a chance for participants to move beyond a personal experience of channelled energy and into an exchange that allows transmission of the energy they have received. 

Continuing the spirit of exchange, Sharing Circles are part of this offering.  This gives each attendee a secure and private space to speak about their experience which helps with the process of integrating it, as well as creating connection through listening to the experiences of others. 

About Roberta:

Roberta Boyce, also known as Gur Seva, is a professional practitioner in Spiritual and Energetic Activation and founded "Essential Sacred Self" in 2012. Train as a Kundalini Yoga instructor, she integrates the technology of this practice into their practice. As a Channel and an Activator for Spiritual/ Energetic Change, Roberta offers systems that are effective in connecting, clearing and recalibrating the Energetic field of an individual or group.

To learn more about Roberta, please click here.


- With respect and sensitivity, these groups are not suitable for anyone going through psychosis.

- Please purchase mindfully as we do not offer refunds or class credits.  However, if you can no longer attend and wish to gift your ticket to a loved one, we honour name changes on tickets - please just email us with the name of the new attendee in advance of the event.


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