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Sat, 01 Jul




Channelled readings for those who wanting to seek guidance on life’s big questions. Enjoy a personal reading that offers insights into your true potential and helps uncover what your Soul Purpose is and how to achieve it.

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Time & Location

01 Jul 2023, 14:00 – 15:00 BST

Fire+Alchemy, 52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP


About the event

What are the Akashic Records: 

In essence, the Akashic Records are an etheric library of information containing the details of your soul and its journey. The records span past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities.

It is believed the Akashic is the highest energetic realm which holds every single thought, action and experience throughout your entire soul journey.

From this place your reader, Gemma Petherbridge, can communicate directly with your masters, teachers, and loved ones to offer you insights into current life situations.

Your masters are a body of energy that have been with you since the inception of your soul, so they can offer wisdoms on were you have been, your souls desires for this life and where you are going.

What happens in a session? 

- The Fire and Alchemy team will great you with a herbal tea. 

- Gemma will make sure you are comfortable and settled. 

- Gemma will explain the process and ask what you would like to get from the session. 

- Before the reading begins she will also talk through your questions with you.

- You will then we guided into a relaxed state so your Akashic Records can be opened.

What Questions Can I Ask the Records: 

The records can offer guidance on all asprects of your life. Whether you have specific questions on your purpose, a direction to take or a path you are currently on, the records will offer profound insights, always for your higher good.

How Many Questions Can I Ask in a Session? 

In an hour session we can easily cover seven question, plus a few extra that might arise durning the ready.

Do I need to prepare in anyway? 

Please arrive on time as the session cannot go over it’s allocated time slow.

To make the most of the session it is advised that you come along with up to seven questions you would like guidance one.

Consider attending alone so you can speak freely and please reframe from taking recreational drugs or alcohol for at least 24 hours before the reading.

Can I record the Session? 

You are welcome to record the season or take notes. If you do record the session please remember their might be natural background noise.

IMPORTANT booking point:

Please note that we have numerous times available. Please select  "MULTIPLE DATES" to select the time you desire. 

About Gemma:

Akashic Records Reader, Crystal Author and Teacher, Gemma Petherbridge has spent 18 years working in the spiritual development industry, first as a practitioner, then as an events organiser supporting some of the biggest authors in the industry. 

Today her passion is empowering soul seekers who are actively asking those profound life questions. She believes teaching people to connect to their intuition allows them to access their best source of guidance, their Higher Self. She also believes how people do this is very personal so she offers an array of modalities that can open up and enhance your intuitive and psychic skills. From traditional coaching to Cacao Ceramics and Kundalini Yoga, to Breathwork and Past Life Regression.

One of her most beloved spiritual modalities is crystal therapy. In 2018 she launched Conscience Crystals, through which she guides people how to connect with and use crystals to enhance and improve their lives. Her first crystal book, ‘The Crystal Apothecary' launched worldwide in 2022. She is currently writing two more and will be launching the Crystal Mystery School later this year.

Click here to see Gemma's full biography.


Please note that our classes take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.

Not suitable for those who are pregnant.


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