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We are delighted to be able to announce that we are now offering energetic haircuts, a healing modality also known as Trichotherapy. But what IS Trichotherapy? We asked our energetic hairdresser, Sabrina Picot...

FAQs on TRICHOTHERAPY The Energy Haircut Therapy - A unique french method by Jill Andrieu, the design creator. 

WHAT IS TRICHOTHERAPY? Tricho means Hair from the ancient Greek word. So Trichotherapy means an energy hair cutting technique that releases hair toxins, energizes vital energy & stimulates the cranial meridians, that also acts on the whole human being. 


During 90 minutes and in 3 steps, this energy haircut will get you a revitalizing care for your hair, your body and your mind without any products. It offers immediately a visible result of shine, volume and light to the hair transformed: a real healthy glow effect. 


DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT THE HAIR'S CAPABILITIES? Hair is an essential source of information about us: As it grows, it incorporates what is present in the blood and sweat, keeps a precise trace of what his owner has eaten, swallowed or smoked... And if you take a 6cm strand of hair, it's your diary of the last 6 months that its owner has lived! Our hair is alive: hair has a rythmic life and growth cycle. They grow indepedently of each other, slow down, die and fall off and then, a new cycle begins again. Did you know in genetic research, our hair bulb is our barcode, our DNA code. Nothing escapes the hair. 


WHY GIVE TO THE HAIR AN ENERGY HAIRCUT? The essential question is: is our hair still healthy? Before answering this question, you have to understand what the hair goes through and its energetic capabilities: We must consider the hair as an optical fibre. It's an energetic receiver, an energetic sensor (from the day and the sun). You can say that it is an emotional and sensory receiver too. Having your hair pulled or stroked brings different sensations and emotions. Remember the hair, in its growth mechanism, goes with the body in detoxification processes, we also detoxify by tears, sweat, urine etc. Unfortunately, loaded with stress and toxins, hair loses its shine and vitality. The densification of energies contained in the hair impedes its capacity to receive, to shine, to live with lightness. The hair reveals the mood of the person... It is the first to give us news on our state of health... As soon as we cut the hair with the Tanto, these crystallizations are released. Immediately, the hair regains all its strength, its vigor, its lightness, its shine and its capacity to receive.


HOW DOES IT WORK? The method is carried out in 3 parts: 

1. The energetic massage - First, to begin the treatment, I use my hands, which I like to call "the roots of our heart", to perform an energetic cranial massage to let go and get in touch with the unconscious world. During this massage, the pineal gland (essential to the regulation of our inner environment) is stimulated, the cranial meridians are detoxified and the subject is invited to get in touch with their unconscious world. Vital energy flows. The energetic hardresser prepares their subject to receive the tanto's haircut. 

2. The Energy haircut with a new tool - The Tantõ (small Japanese sword that belonged to the Samurais) During the second stage, which involves destructuring the hair, I  use a small Japanese sword, the Tantõ, originally created for the defence of women and also used by the Samurai. In this specific cutting movement, used from bottom to top on the ends of the hair, this sabre emits a vibration transmitted by the scales of the hair to the hair bulb, and resonates to the autonomic nervous system. The whole body is energised. Then restructuring with the razor without cutting hair. The razor closes the hair's scales and brings shine.


3. The Ritual - Finally, to round off the treatment, I use a razor to restructure and harmonise the hair. Used at 90 degrees so as not to cut, it allows me to dry and smooth the scales of the hair: light, vitality and shine are the result. I finish by giving the owner their cut hair in an envelope, while naming what has been encountered during the treatment and giving an invitation to experience their own ritual! I wear...I transform... I breathe in...I breathe out. This is the perfect moment for the customer to seal this appointment with themselves! 


"It's more than just a treatment, it's a real meeting with yourself that goes beyond the hair. » 


WHAT HAPPENS DURING THIS ENERGY HAIRCUT AND WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF THE TANTO? As an Energetician hairdresser, we use a precious tool called the Tanto. Made to measure in France, the Tanto is an assembly of 7 metal blades, giving it the ability to make a clean, straight cut. With this sabre, the aim is to boost the vital energy circulating in the body for the benefit of the hair. Unlike scissors, which crush the tips of the hair and where 2 blades cut the hair without causing any vibration in the hair, this unique blade that is the Tanto does! 


The Tanto is a full, thick blade which, thanks to a specific upward movement, sends a vibratory wave through the scales of the hair to the hair bulb in order to boost its vital energy. And the vibration that this blade causes is really interesting and you will see why. The Tanto’s vibration resonates in the cranium and spreads through the cerebral hemispheres thanks to the cerebrospinal fluid, which transmits this vibratory frequency to the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Thanks to this tool, the hair is decrystallised! It becomes alive and shiny once again, capturing all the energies around it, like sunlight for example. By harmonic resonance this can touch: Emotional tensions – Corporal tensions, all that brings the being in a restraint of energy. With the help of this vibratory, energetic & physical stimulation, the energy circulates more freely. The energy becomes interactive because a feeling of lightness, of liberation is experienced and established. 


WHAT REACTIONS HAVE PEOPLE HAD TO TRICHOTHERAPY AND WHAT CAN PEOPLE EXPECT TO GAIN FROM IT? People were first surprised by the sensation of vibration, an interesting sensation because it was different and they had never had this feeling before. Secondly, the surprise remains excellent as for the immediate benefits of beauty and lightness of their hair. For example, for those who had hair that fell out or hair with indefined curls, with this care, hair loss is stopped or the curls are better defined, more bouncy. The surprise is especially enhanced because in addition to seeing their hair become more alive, people who have experienced a treatment become aware of a fullness of self. Trichotherapy is also a mind's care! Having several energetic haircuts has a severely enhanced effect: having beautiful hair and also developing the personal self, being closer to oneself, more whole, more united. You'll find that your hair comes back to life, and you'll also have a new-found sense of well-being. "You feel lighter, like you've been getting rid of all the hair toxins that were clogging up your body and mind,"


WHAT DID YOU CHOOSE TO TRAIN IN TRICHOTHERAPY AND CAN ANYONE PRACTICE IT? This training is open to all hairdressers mainly but also to people concerned with bringing well-being to others through their hair. This training "Energetician-Hairdresser" taught by Jill Andrieu allowed me to better understand the hair, better understand the body, better understand the other... and at the same time, understand myself better. Our body is designed for life. Our body does not lie. Our hair reflects who we are. 

WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TRICHOTHERAPY AND PEOPLE'S ENERGY? HOW AND WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Everything is connected to the body and that it's all about cellular communication. Hair is like a breastplate that helps the body detoxify. It is a collector of energies: solar, lunar, sensory and emotional. 


The relationship is obvious: when you're not feeling well, your hair loses its vitality and shine. It becomes limp, sad, electric, unmanageable... the link with our emotions is clear! By treating the hair with the vibration of Tanto, using the Trichotherapy method, we can guide and relieve everyone, freeing the hair from its toxins and ourselves from our emotional toxins. Trichotherapy is part of a physiological, emotional and energetic approach that can be liberating, guiding the client towards an understanding of themselves and their blockages.  


Appointments last for approx 90 minutes and can be made for Sundays or Mondays and the investment is £350.  On the day of the treatment, please come with freshly washed hair and please do not use any products. 


Please email to schedule in an appointment with Sabrina.

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