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Our new Crystal Collection bundles are a curated selection of crystals designed to gently support us in navigating specific challenges in life. Whether you want to manifest abundance or get over a break-up, these collections can help!


We also offer a BESPOKE service, where you can come into the Shoreditch Fire + Alchemy store, speak to one of our in house crystal experts, and craft a bespoke collection of crystals - great for gifting to others! To arrange an appointment, please CONTACT US.


Manifesting Abundance

The crystals within the carefully chosen Manifesting Abundance Collection work in harmony to amplify your intentions and attract prosperity into your life. Whether you're seeking wealth, opportunities, or success, let the energies of these crystals guide you on a path of abundance.

Attracting Love

For matters of the heart, our Attracting Love Collection is designed to infuse your life with love's radiant energy. Let these crystals create an aura of love, helping you attract meaningful connections + nurturing relationships. Rediscover the magic of love with each carefully selected gem.

Healing Breakups

Heal from heartbreak with our specially curated Healing Breakups Collection. These crystals offer solace + support during challenging times, guiding you through the process of healing + renewal. Embrace the transformative energies + emerge stronger, ready for new beginnings.

Sex & Intimacy

Ignite passion + deepen connection with our Sex & Intimacy Collection. Designed to enhance sensual connection, these crystals promote intimacy, communication, + foster a deeper bond with your partner.

Cleansing Negative Vibes

Clear the air + cleanse your space with our Cleansing Negative Vibes Collection. These crystals are chosen for their purifying energies, helping dispel negativity + create a harmonious environment. Elevate your surroundings with the power of crystal purification.

Starter Crystal Kit

Embark on your crystal journey with our Starter Crystal Collection, a carefully curated assortment introducing you to the diverse energies of various crystals. Ideal for beginners, this collection serves as a gateway to the world of crystal healing + self-discovery.

Chakra Healing

Align your energy centres with our Chakra Healing Collection, featuring crystals corresponding to each chakra. This kit facilitates balance + harmony, promoting overall well-being by addressing the unique energy needs of each chakra. Elevate your spiritual practice and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself through the power of chakra-aligned crystals.


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