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Bliss Summers has worked with celebrities and clients all over the world and is a Psychic Medium with a difference.


Bliss receives this information from loved ones, who have passed over. She can hear, see, sense and feel Spirits and Angels. She is a successful Best Selling Author, Psychic Medium and Business woman. Her moto "why be average when you can be amazing" resonates through her spiritual work, workshops and books.

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Image by Zane Lee
"I couldn't believe that Bliss knew things about my family I didn't even know.
My father was blown away when I asked him if father had a pocket watch- not only did he have one but it was the one my dad gifted him when he and my mom got married. I cried during my reading because it was so poignant.
Thank you!"

Megan King - Real Housewife of the OC


Bliss was born a Psychic Medium, at the age of seven she had her first experience with Spirit and Angels, she knew she was different from other children, but did not realise people would not be as accepting of her gifts as she was.Bliss spent many years suppressing her gifts trying to "fit" in. Before she realised that she is a unique individual and being different is beautiful! When Bliss began sharing her gifts the responses to her messages blew her away!


Bliss supressed her gifts only giving private readings up until she endured the devastating loss of her beautiful twin sister. It was then that she realised just how special and unique her gifts were. Having the ability to connect with Spirits and Angels. Helping them connect with love ones to pass on their messages. Bliss's feedback was phonominal with her clients oftern stating:


“There’s no way you could know that!”

“I felt like I was talking to my loved one for the last hour!”

“Your message changed my life!”


As a Psychic Medium, Bliss not only receives strong insights, feelings, senses, smells and sees spirit, as you would see a person infront of you.


Bliss will relate specific details such as how your loved one passed, names, dates, scents and memories (even the funny ones!). She talks directly to spirit like a three way conversation between you and your loved ones. During this process Bliss can mimic body language, expressions, tone of voice and mannerisums that clients unquestionably recognise as their loved ones. Bliss's style and connection creates a beautiful deeply moving, emotional and at times funny moments during your readings. As a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life and Business Coach. Bliss helps clients gain a greater insight into their lives’ purpose, she sheds light on important areas of your life such as love, relationships, family, career and business.


Through her sold out events, private reading sessions, workshops, live audience events, upcoming book and substancial reach on social media, it's clear to see Bliss Summers is the UK's leading psychic medium. Bliss is on a personal mission after losing her twin sister and father, to inspire and reunite as many people as possible with their loved ones on the otherside.


As a mother of three beautiful children and two who are highly intuititve, she works daily on being positive and thankful, her motto share the love and giving gratitude for the beautiful little things in this precious life.


Having lost someone so unbelievably close and at such a young age. Bliss can truly understand how you feel and how important a simple message can be. Bliss has helped thousands of individuals with her messages from the spirit world and feels blessed that they chose her to be the messenger.


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