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Anna is a certified crystal healer/teacher, Usui Reiki Master + an intuitive artist. She combines Reiki with crystal healing + Tibetan singing bowls to activate + harmonise the physical body and the energy system. 

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Anna offers 1:1 in-person healing sessions + spiritual workshops that promote self-healing for mind, body and soul. She is currently teaching crystal healing Level 1 & 2. 


Creating art is a meditative process for Anna that allows her to express her emotions and be in her flow. Her artwork is inspired by mystical curiosities and she occasionally brings art into her healing practices as a powerful way to channel healing energy and open the creative mind. 


Anna is passionate about helping others to reconnect to their true self and tap into their innate power and gifts. She truly cares about people and feels drawn to assisting others on their healing path. 


The support she offers is what has supported her.

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