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Andre is an astrologer, a Pagan, a researcher, lecturer and meditator, among other talents. He teaches astrology meditations, Pagan practices and philosophy, and different ways to connect with the land, sacred sites, and the stars.


Native Portuguese, Andre lived and studied in Lisbon before moving to the UK fifteen years ago.

Early meditation experiences convinced him of the significance of spiritual paths, and the potential for the stories of enlightened beings to actually be true, even if most gurus in the Western world didn’t seem to embody that enlightenment.


From then on he started his spiritual journey, with different Eastern paths in Hinduism and Buddhism, then discovering the pre-Christian Western cultures of Celtic and Norse people, their modern revivals, and other esoteric traditions, like Astrology and Ceremonial Magic. He has also had Shamanic training, and was fortunate to meet some wonderful and wise teachers along the way.

A continued thirst for knowledge led him to deep historical research, including a Masters Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, where he specialised on the links between Classical philosophy, polytheism and astrology. He also studied Medieval Astrology with the Robert Zoller’s Academy of Predictive Astrology, after many years of astrology classes in Lisbon, and he has been a professional astrologer for fifteen years.

Andre has led many public and private ceremonies, lectures and workshops on different aspects of Paganism and Astrology, in London and throughout the UK. He also does research on archaeoastronomy, the alignment of sacred sites to the stars, focusing on Neolithic sites like Stonehenge and its much older Portuguese counterpart, the stone circle of Almendres.  He loves going to sacred sites and natural places, to connect with the land, the skies, and the seasons.

His current meditation practice is based in Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra traditions, under the teachings of Christopher Wallis, a scholar-practitioner of old Indian traditions of Shiva and Shakti (the Goddess, in Her multiple forms).

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